Products / EOS97/06 – OT

Electronic Servomotor Actuator


Electronic driver which control industrial machine based on axis rotation. EOS 97/06 can be use in any industrial equipment where is possible to follow(monitor) work process as axis rotation which is proportionally with the process.


Most often application where EOS is applied are:

  • servo actuators

EOS Functions

  • Sensing current position of actuator armature.
  • Sensing torque overload of actuator.
  • Current position displayed on 7-seg. display.
  • Current position converted as current loop 4-20mA.
  • Signalling position open/close of actuator.
  • Signalling torque overloading of actuator.
  • Signalling actuator status for opening and closing.
  • Failure states evaluation.

EOS 97/06-OT Modules

Sensors module:

Module with optical sensors, assembled direct in servomotor, monitor current position, motion of actuator shaft and torque overloading of actuator.

Main unit module:

Driving module contains two CPUs, five relay outputs and current loop. The electronics of module is encapsulated in PVC box with IP65 cover. Signal transmission from Sensors Module is received through liycy cable with electromagnetic compatibility.

Dimensions of box

Electrical and Mechanical characteristics
Voltage supply 230 V AC +-15%, 48-52 Hz
Input power requirement 5 VA
Fuse protection 32mA 5x20T
Back-up power supply 7,2V 4411 mAh
Current comsumtion at power failure max. 100 mA
Battery life 5 years
Positioning accuracy 2° on 1 turn of shaft
Relay contacts 5 x 8A 230VAC / 24VDC
Max. switching capacity 2000VA, 192W
Number of channels MZ, MO, PZ, PO, SZ, SO
Led signals 10 x LED
Position display 3 x 7seg display
Blocking time of overloading 2-20 seconds
Analog output 4-20 mA/250W pri 18 -28 VDC – active/passive
Revolution count Max 10 000
Working temperature from -30°C to +80°C
Protection against enviroment IP65

Example of application

RM EOS96/06 – OT Main EOS module
SM EOS97/06 – OT Sensors module
Processor CPU
X1 Clamps block of the position transmitter
X2 Clamps block of rotation sensors
X3 Output clamps block
MPO Relay for opening armature
MPZ Relay for closing armature
SO Relay for sign opened armature
SZ Relay for sign closed armature
POR Relay for failure signaling
RE1...RE5 Relays
IN SIG Input signals
VP Position transmitter, 4 - 20 mA
- The negative pole of the position transmitter
OUT Output signal of the position transmitter
+ VCC, +...
Z Power supply
ZAL External power supply
MOTOR Motor of actuator
OPTICAL SENSORS Photo sensors of rotations and overloading of actuator