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Multiturn absolute rotary encoder utilizes analog capacitive measurement method of angle of input shaft. No power is needed to count the number of turns of input shaft. After power is applied the encoder position can be read out using the SPI bus with resolution of 4096 turns and 1024 steps per turn. The SPI bus is synchronous and the encoder acts as SPI slave. Clocking and bus control and control of encoder position information are provided by master device. SPI transfer speed is 1 Mbps maximum.


  • position control of cameras and telescopes
  • robotic joints
  • servodrives and actuators
  • control of antennas position
  • solar panel position control
  • positioning systems
  • exoskeletons
  • scientific instruments
  • wheel speed monitoring
  • geological instruments


  • Capacitive analog sensing of shaft angle
  • Resolution of 4096 turns (12 bits), 1024 steps per turn (10 bits), 22 bits total
  • No power needed for turns counting
  • No internal battery
  • Small dimensions and power requirements
  • Working temperature range from -60 to +85 °C
  • Built-in temperature sensor
Electrical and Mechanical characteristics
Revolution count 4096 (12 bits)
Angle resolution 1024 steps per turn (10 bits)
Abs. accuracy +/- 1.5°
Method of detection Capacitive analog sensing
Update frequency 80 s-1
Detection latency <15 ms
Input shaft 4 mm
Rotational speed 4 turns per second max.
Power requirements 5V +/- 5%, 20 mA
Initialization time < 100 ms
Protection IP65
Working temperature -60 to +85 °C
Interface SPI slave, 3.3 V logic levels, 5 V tolerant inputs
Connecting lead shielded 8 lead wire (+5V, 3x GND, MISO, MOSI, SCK, SS)